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The Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the study of Islamic and democratic political thought and the search for peace, democracy, and development in Muslim communities.

First established as a Council in 2002, PCID was formed amid global and domestic challenges confronting Islam and Muslims. The PCID seeks to articulate the voice of the Bangsamoro and Muslims in the Philippines, enabling their meaningful participation in both the global discourse on Islam and democracy and the struggle for  self-determination and development.

Through the years, PCID has become an important platform for the articulation of the Moro voices through its various publications and forums, focusing on the issues of peace and development, Islam and democracy, human rights, genuine autonomy, among others. PCID has been working with Muslim religious leaders since 2004 on peaceful resolution of conflict and human rights advocacy.

Currently, PCID is working on community based ideas to prevent violent extremism. It is piloting the  Action for Madrasah-based Advocacies and Learnings (AMAL) project, which seeks to enable the madrasah to act as a center for community outreach for peacebuilding, democracy and human rights promotion, and other advocacies.