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Clery Exports, Inc.

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At present, EIC underscores our enterprise on exportation, shipment, storing, handling of fresh and processed items, natural and organic health products, marine exports, fine foods and specialties, meat and poultry, frozen and bottled commodities and confections. Clery Exports Inc. is optimistic with its plan to cater to other countries within this decade. In the future, we aim on exporting of various quality Filipino products to Tunisia, Lebanon, Malta, Italy, Germany & the Middle East.


Clery Exports Inc. is an export company affirming to connect Philippine commodities to the rest of the world. Our organization conforms to promote products to various countries particularly in those regions where there are considerable number of overseas Filipino population. Our institutional actions will revolve around developing and expanding the purview of Filipino consumer goods in African, Middle Eastern and EU countries.


Accomplished professional business entrepreneurs lead the contemporary logistics and shipping company. Clery Exports, Inc. strives to increase visibility of high-quality Filipino products to countries with limited Filipino consumer presence. We accentuate our efforts on creating. a healthy & sustainable customer relationship.

About Clery Exports, Inc.

Clery Exports, Inc. (CEI) consigns consumer goods to distinctive countries around the world. The company offers excellent export business for diversified products. Newly established, the company prides itself with the vast knowledge and industry expertise its founder has accrued for more than 20 years. The company utilizes and incorporates these in the day-to-day operations and management of the company.

CEI targets to ship almost all types of merchandise to various countries. At present, it focuses attention on conveying commodities to countries with minor Filipino product visibility in the market.

How We Started

The story started with a stroke of luck when five entrepreneurs meets over a cup of coffee. One of the businesspersons shared a concern about the current exporter. They eventually contrive a solution to address the predicament. For one of the entrepreneur’s own view, it is indeed a “Light bulb!”. Interjected as the Eureka moment for the group of friends, they resolved to actualize an exporting company.

Clery Exports, Inc. is a sister company of Transcend Cargo Express, Inc. (TCEI). One of the overseers of Clery Exports, Inc. is the executive of a cargo services company. With a humble foundation, the logistics group is building its immense success under her leadership. Transcend Cargo Express, Inc. (TCEI) is an established logistics company. For decades, it upholds its forefront influence in the industry. The organization mainstreams on enduring continuous development in the business spheres of delivery, shipment, warehousing and administration of diversified consumption products. The logistics group magnifies endless innovation for customers nationwide.

At present, the company is handling shuttle diplomacy between the manufacturer and consignee, allowing for an exclusive client relationship.