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JA Media Solutions is a web and software development consultancy that provides solutions to a varied list of clients either through direct consultation or through representing other companies like E-Geoserve and AxialLink Solutions, Inc., extending its services to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and to the government sector.

JA Media Solutions is committed to achieving excellence in the development of state-of-the-art IT and web-based system solutions.

JA Media Solutions is a member of the pool of consultants of E-Geoserve, an engineering consultancy firm which provides services in geodetic surveying, geographic information system, remote sensing, environmental impact assessment, environmental mathematical simulation and modeling, architectural and general engineering plans and drafting, information sytems and web development.

Meet the People Behind JA Media Solutions

Aldwin Llacuna GalaponAldwin Llacuna GalaponIT Consultant / Software and Web Developer
He started JA Media Solutions in 2007. A Geodetic Engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, he is currently an IT consultant for a varied list of clients coming from government institutions, non-government organizations and private groups. He is continuously harnessing his skills in Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimization, using open source Content Management Systems, and a whole lot of things.

Christine Joyce Diaz-GalaponChristine Joyce Diaz-GalaponBlogger / Junior Web Developer
She graduated Public Administration from the University of the Philippines, Diliman; she practices web development, prepares website templates, acts as administrator and manages a few websites and also works as a content contributor for a varied list of blogs.

What you can Expect from Us

  • We capitalize on latest technology and strive for innovation to maintain competence and high level development.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing the level of output we deliver.
  • We have a flexible and highly equiped team to cater to all your requirements, who can twist and turn with you in any slightest changes you deem necessary.
  • Planning is where we show you we are on top of everything. We make sure to provide possible approaches and solutions fit for your business needs.
  • We uphold integrity and reliability. We push and involve all our resources to deliver our products in a timely fashion and with our goals fully met.

Our rule of thumb, "If we make our customers / clients very HAPPY and SATISFIED, we are guaranteed a generous amount of referrals."