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JA Media Solutions specializes in Open Source web applications, custom software systems development (database / client server / stand alone), systems architecture and project management.

In addition to providing consulting and development services, JA Media Solutions also caters training and workshops in the fields of Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems. We also offer GIS solutions and services in various platforms (stand alone applications, software and web).

Customized & Flexible Solutions

We provide customized and scalable solutions by thoroughly studying your current processes and streamlining it to fit your needs.

We are flexible to our clients requirements and systems specifications and realign our development and architecture appropriately.

Simple and Clean Designs

We create simple, clean and straight-forward web and desktop applications starting from templates and / or prototypes ('blue prints') up to design, implementation, deployment and documentation.

Open Source Web & Applications Implementation

We advocate and practice the use of open source systems, tools and development platforms both for web and desktop applications development.

We use open source content management systems for dynamic web development, MySql community edition as back end database for software developments and openGIS or MapWindow GIS for our GIS implementations.

Content Management Website Development

We make sure maintenance and user management transfer is easy and faster with the use of content management systems in dynamic web development.

We generally implement websites using open source content management systems primarily using WordPress, but we also use Joomla, Mambo and even Drupal if needed. We also accept static website development projects depending on the requirements of our clients.

Google Apps Integration & Affordable Web Hosting, etc.

We integrate Standard Google Apps messaging and collaboration with our web development which requires minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings.

We also introduce social networking to our web development clients to further increase traffic and coverage of their worldwide web identity. Search engine optimization is also an add-on service, so you can make sure your products and services can cater to a wide range of audience.

Optional Support and Domain & Website Management

We offer optional domain and website management and administration and other miscellaneous support for small to mid-sized organizations.

We can also help you set up your own eCommerce site, build advertising platform for your website using open sources like OpenX Ads Server, or 3rd party such as Google Adsense, adbrite, etc.