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Today’s learners are the leaders of tomorrow.

Australia needs a skilled and flexible workforce, ready to adapt to rapid change and find new and better ways of becoming productive. Rapid changes in technology and communication affect everyone in the workforce, from warehouse workers to business managers, and to thrive we must be ready for change.

Vocational education plays a critical role in creating a strong and healthy economy by equipping people with the skills they need to succeed and be up-to-date with industry standards. At Kirana Education, we adapt our training and qualifications to help graduates reach their potential by equipping them with the skills and ‘can do’ attitude employers are looking for.

Through its Registered Training Organisations, Kirana Education offers a wide range of qualifications from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma.

Kirana Education was founded on a set of core values in 2009. These values influence all aspects of the organisation, the high quality of our training and positive student outcomes can be directly attributed to them.

Our Values

  • Respect –  Everyone is unique and valued
  • Integrity – Always do the right thing
  • Belief – We can make a difference

Our goal is the continued development of world-class resources & high quality training while over delivering on best practice in all service areas and forming tactile and purposeful partnerships across Australia to grow meaningful outcomes-based support programs.

At Kirana Education, we’re about growing people and creating positive change in individuals, which leads to a better society in which to live and work. Many of our students go on to become future leaders. We believe that everyone has potential and by growing people in the right way, we can change the world. We’re focused on delivering the training outcomes our students and business need to thrive.

For Students and Businesses alike.

Kirana Education is diversely connected to the community. We have forged and continue to build relationships with:

  • Students interested in shaping a new career rather than just a job
  • Existing employees with an ambition to create opportunities through up-skilling or starting a new career
  • Businesses, owners and managers evolving a workforce through traineeships without impacting productivity

Whomever you are and whatever challenge presents itself to you, Kirana Education provides a platform from which to jump and launch a career that has meaning, purpose and profitability whether you’re a student or a business.  Kirana Education will guide students on a career path and help them achieve an accredited qualification.