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DR. HARVEY SINGER AND HIS TEAM AT JOHNS HOPKINS are committed to assisting children, parents, and the community to gain a better understanding of the entity known as primary complex motor stereotypies (CMS). CMS is a poorly understood disorder associated with rhythmic, repetitive, fixed, purposeful but purposeless movements that stop with distraction. When these movements occur in an otherwise normal child, it is called ‘primary.’ The ongoing scientific and therapeutic advances made by researchers in our program have all been attained thanks to the private support of many families.

This educational website for children and their families has been developed with support from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Education is an essential component of the Johns Hopkins Motor Stereotypy Initiative. It is our goal to provide accurate and helpful information to patients, families, and care providers. We especially thank the young children who participated in making the videos, Link Studio for their excellent work, and the children with this disorder who permitted us to include videos of their movements. It has been enjoyable making this educational resource and we truly hope our effort will be successful in educating others about this often misunderstood phenomenon.