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Transcend Cargo Express Inc.

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Transcend Cargo Express Inc. values its customers with their commitment in providing fast, reliable with personalized and secured deliveries. Ang bilis ng dating!

Transcend Cargo Express Incorporated (TCEI) is a stable and reliable logistics company. Since its incorporation in February 1999, the company maintains its leading-edge through steady development of distribution, shipment and improvement on communication and management. The company encapsulates relevant years of staunch service to valued clients.

TCEI offers door to door deliveries, warehousing, product handling of consumer goods, promotional materials, household goods, personal effects and medical supplies. The company has a long tradition in the forwarding industry. We maintain progress in expanding our services to achieve customer satisfaction.

TCEI’s central office is located in Manila to provide an accessible location to all areas within Metro Manila. It provides an advantage because of its proximity to airport and pier. This makes it easy for the company to provide services through any mode of transportation.

After years of operation, TCEI proves to be a continuously growing enterprise. Like TCEI, the company’s employees have been growing in number consistent with the growth of the company. The number is thrice the size of its population when it started.


The mainframe of the company, in sync with the workforce are steadfast in serving the Filipino and global clientele. The respectful beginnings of the company when it started years ago, has well adapted to the ever changing needs of the customers over time.

The mission of Transcend Cargo Express, Inc. adheres to continuous advancement of Quality Management System to produce the highest quality of standards and achieve constant customer satisfaction. TCEI continually pursues excellence in all areas of services. The company will prosper in the interest of its sincere goal to deliver existing and future customer needs, drive to meet customer requirements and perseverance to enhance customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations.


Our vision enunciates our cumulative aspiration to be the leading provider of choice in the freight forwarding industry. Our unabridged efforts are focused to realize evolvement that would benefit the company and its patron.

Work Practice. Here at TCEI, we aim to advance in the business through reputable personnel management.

Client in the Lead. The company intends to continuously devise ways to foster good relationships with business partners, providers and customers. We acknowledge the embodiment of our future’s goal realization and success to the mainspring transcendence of TCEI. Our company highlights eagerness to adapt, improve and innovate management approaches in all aspects of our business. The general framework that we pioneer in administration makes us the preeminent freight and cargo firm. We take pride in becoming the competent and formative organization in a world with fast paced technological development and improved logistics. TCEI is willing to reconcile its technologies to the exponential growth in modernization and society to accent customer’s needs.


Incorporated on February 17, 1999, TCEI began with just a four-wheeler extended truck, fifteen employees and entrepreneurs who have been part of the freight forwarding industry for nineteen years prior to the establishment of TCEI.

Armed with just the essentials of having a forwarding business, TCEI also had its share of growing pains. Having just started, it was inevitable for the company to go through the usual struggles of a newly established corporation. However, through all of this, it was able to manage and grow from the small company it was to the enterprise it is today.