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History, Vision and Mission

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JA Media Solutions was founded in 2007 by Aldwin Galapon and is currently based in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The concept of JA Media Solutions came about during the time of his life when he felt the demand for services in software/web development and other IT related services were increasing rapidly. He began accepting projects and quickly build contacts through affiliations and referrals.

Aldwin, a promdi as his former classmates and colleagues tagged him, came from all the way up north from the province of Ilocos Norte. In 1995, he moved to Manila and took BS Computer Engineering in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. After a few years in college, he decided to take BS Geodetic Engineering instead when he began to fall behind his academic standing from juggling studies, part-time work and his duties and responsibilities of being an ROTC cadet officer.

Even before finishing his degree, he had already experienced a number of part time work in software and web development. He designed the initial website for The National Chess Federation of the Philippines. He worked part-time as an IT personnel for a group of real estate brokers. Later, he learned programming in GIS [Avenue Programming with ESRI’s ArcView 3.x] and Delphi 6.0 hands-on when he was employed on 2003 for a political campaigns consulting firm for the 2004 Philippine Elections, where he developed and managed a GIS based campaign monitoring system. After graduating in 2004 with the degree of BS Geodetic Engineering, he was employed as a full-time employee in the same company to convert and further develop a stand-alone database application (Quick Count Solution) using SMS technology embedded with GIS capability.

He also joined a pool of instructors created by Nika Technologies, for a joint project of the World Health Organization and the Department of Health for a project in the Province of Capiz. He conducted a workshop seminar in Avenue Programming to further improve, customize and integrate their GIS solutions in line with their health initiatives.

He also worked as a project manager for AxialLink Solutions, Inc and have been exposed mostly in windows applications development.

He is continuously harnessing his skills in Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimization, using open source Content Management Systems, and a whole lot of things.

Vision and Mission

To employ the best solutions and resources in delivering web and software technological infrastructure that is responsive, innovative and effective to suit each client’s needs. To be the preferred I.T. consulting and solutions provider for both private and government organizations.