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The U.P. Vanguard Shibboleth Wall

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The SHIBBOLETH WALL is the physical manifestation of every Vanguard’s commitment and unwavering loyalty to the UP Vanguard and the Corps of Cadets. It embodies the hollowed words by which Vanguards live their lives—values that define the men and women of the “chosen few”:

DUTY well performed,

HONOR untarnished, and

COUNTRY before self.

All Vanguards—spread throughout the UP System—are drilled on the enormous and unenviable task of service and sacrifice since their cadet days. The Shibboleth was and still is the metric by which all undertakings are measured by those who call themselves “gentlemen of the finest order.”

The Shibboleth Wall thus reignites the commitment to all Vanguards. It orders the Vanguards to go back to their most elemental values, to carry them once again and shine light as we thread the unbeaten path. The Wall serves as a fraternal rallying point, as much as the Shibboleth is the Vanguard’s cry, of gathering together and spreading out—to serve well beyond one’s comfort.

The Shibboleth Wall and the values it epitomizes do not distinguish the souls it touches. As it reveals our principles, so does our faith that the same may be embraced by all Filipinos.

In this wall, we are united. With this wall, we show our strength. Through this wall, we lead the way.

To celebrate its 25th graduation anniversary, the Jubilarians will honor the men and women of the UPVI who continues to live by and spread the Vanguard values of Duty, Honor, Country.

The project is also a fund raising activity which aims to help the UPVI fund its various extension programs as well as for the support and enhancement of the UP ROTC.

In addition, the Class of 1993 has always supported the outreach activities of its members, particularly by Vgd. Butch Ong of PCG Search and Rescue Squadron 161. PCG Rescue Squadron 161 is led by Vgd. Ong ’93 and Jun Del Ponso ’92. In 2013 at the height of Typhoon Yolanda, the UPVI in partnership with PCG Rescue 161, UPROTC, and UPDMST led Operation Mercy Trident. The operation included search and rescue of typhoon victims, relief and medical operations, and rehabilitation. Three years past the worst typhoon to hit the country, Class of 1993 intends to continue supporting PCG Rescue 161 as they remain committed to the rehabilitation phase of Mercy Trident in the municipality of Palompon, Leyte, the center of the relief activities in 2013. Part of the proceeds of all fund raising activities by the Class will be used for the ongoing rehabilitation of school buildings and ensuring disaster resilience of the people of Palompon.