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Development Summary Report

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Background to the Development Centre

Purpose of the Development Centre

The development centre was carried out to reveal information about your strengths and development need areas according to the Transfield Services Leader/Manager capabilities and success factors. The exercises in the development centre are designed to give maximum insight into your strengths and development need areas relative to this framework in order to learn about your potential, and hence be able to identify the most useful development actions in your development plan.

Description of the Report Contents

This report contains the results of the Development Centre. It presents feedback and a rating for each of the Leadership/Manager capabilities assessed during the Centre. Highlighted at the start of the report is a summary of your areas of strength and areas that you may like to focus on for development when considering actions in your development plan.

Description of the Development Centre

The assessment of your strengths and development needs was based on exercises designed to simulate on-the job requirements of Transfield managers. All participants completed three separate exercises, including a business in-box simulation, small group construction and medium-large group resource allocation. A full description of the assessment methods is provided at the end of this report.

The Leader/Manager Capability Framework

Your efforts in the three exercises was assessed against the following five capabilities during the development centre:

  • Facilitation
  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Leadership
  • Delivering Results

These capabilities are described in more detail in the section entitled Detailed Summary of Performance by Capability.