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About Pinoy Wise OFTV

Atikha and the Philippine Consortium on Migration and Development (PHILCOMDEV) organized the PINOY WISE MOVEMENT (Pinoy Worldwide Initiative on Savings Investment and Entrepreneurship) an information, value formation and education campaign to encourage OFWs and their families to save and invest the hard earned money wisely.

To augment the various financial literacy seminars and financial literacy campaign that are being conducted abroad and in the Philippines, it was seen that a TV program that can be downloaded / viewed via the internet will be a good vehicle to compliment the financial literacy campaign of PINOY WISE.

Core Messages

“PINOY WISE: Maging Wise sa Pamamahala ng Pera, Maging Wise sa Pangangalaga ng Pamilya”. This core message recognize the need to address not only financial issues but also family issues that drain the resources of the migrants.

“PINOY WISE: Pagbabalik Paghandaan, Upang Bukas May Daratnan”. This core message emphasizes the need to prepare for their reintegration and enable them to achieve their goals for migration. This is to address the problem of migrants who despite of higher wage and long years abroad, 70% of them are unable to save for their long term goals.


The PINOY WISE TV program will be composed of the following segments:

  • Best Practice – 10 minutes segment featuring programs and services and “good practices” of national and local government, NGOs, Hometown associations, schools, migrants and family organizations and other organizations working with OFWs on savings, investment and entrepreneurship. It will feature stories of migrants abroad and how they triumph against all odd. This will also feature philanthropy initiatives of OFWs that contribute to migration and development. Their projects and enterprises will be featured on location.
  • Dear Atikha – 5 minutes segment on financial education for OFWs and families left behind. This will focus on goal setting, budgeting, financial planning and important tips in saving, investing and entrepreneurship. Atikha will answer questions and concerns of OFWs emailed to the PINOY WISE website. This segment will also feature existing saving and investment opportunities and possible enterprises that can be provided to the OFWs and their families.
  • Hawak Kamay – 5 minutes segment featuring various problems and issues being confronted by the migrants and their families; legal concerns to personal issues with children, husbands, in-laws and extended family. Atikha will share tips and ways of coping with the family issues and problems brought about by separation.
  • News Worldwide – 2 minute updates of various events from Filipino community, migrants and families abroad and in the Philippines. Correspondents of Pinoy Wise in different countries will co-anchor this via skype/ taped video. This segment will serve as the vehicle for various announcements of the OFWs of activities abroad.