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About Executive Protection Center

The Executive Protection Center is a Management, Operations, Consulting and Training Company that specializes in High-Risk Physical Security Services.

Unlike other groups who are “Jack of All Trades”, we have chosen to concentrate our wealth of talents on concentrating on the following disciplines and related areas of THREAT ASSESSMENT, PROTECTION (Self-Protection, Close Protection, Travel Protection, Corporate Protection & Crisis Management), INTELLIGENCE & INFORMATION SERVICE, EVACUATION & EXTRICATION & OPERATOR ENHANCEMENT TRAINING.

It has Global Experience and Local Knowledge, it is headquartered in the Philippines.

The Environment

The world is rapidly changing and areas like security and protection were previously thought of as cost-centers and add-ons to the cost of doing business. However, in this day of Globalization and Asymmetric Terrorist warfare, kidnappings, assassinations, extortion national and international unrest, cultural and religious cleavages, security and protection are now considered as necessary requirements before a business can even start and do business in the first place. The workplace too has changed. When before one was safe when with co-employees and customers, now that too has changed and certain elements have made the workplace dangerous as well. Certainly a big paradigm-shift for the business and the Executive.

In the business world, Executive Protection has little to do with Cloak & Dagger and much to do with Corporate Profit & Loss. Threats to an Executive constitute a business risk and therefore Executive Protection—by protecting the Executive, a valuable corporate asset, fulfills a legitimate part of the Corporate Risk Management mission. Not only does it protect that asset, but maximizes utility of that asset.

Our Philosophy

The symbol and philosophy we teach and use is that of the NINJA, ancient & modern. The ancient NINJA were spies and special operators who turned Bodyguards and who maintained peace by guile and the subtle arts for over two centuries in ancient Japan, its longest peace interlude. The modern NINJA are the modern day SAS and their derivative Special Operations Counterparts who in their terms are “Hunters turned Gamekeepers” and subsequently revolutionized how Bodyguarding and Close Protection is done today by small elite groups of professionals. The adage of Sun Tzu is what we follow. “True excellence is to plan secretly, move surreptitiously and foil the enemy’s intentions and balk his schemes so as to win the day without spilling a single drop of blood.”