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Makulay Artworks by Jerome Barbadillo

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Jerome Barbadillo

“Jerome is a sketch artist and painter who embodies the true meaning of chasing after ones dreams. A former overseas Filipino worker in the UAE, Jerome worked 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week as a cab driver supporting his two children and helping his wife make ends meet. Despite the hard work and long hours, Jerome always found time to hone his skills as an artist. Many friends he made during his four years in the Middle East quickly became fans of his work and continue to support him until today. Jerome now resides back in his hometown of Bauang, La Union, and works as a freelance painter and is employed in GRM International as a Project Development Officer in Region 1.”

— Alexandra Taylor, Etihad Airways
A good friend and avid supporter

I am a former OFW in UAE and now a full time dad and mom for our kids (my wife in turn works as a DH in Hong Kong). I learned painting without formal studies when I was 3rd year college. I acquired supplemental skills by attending sponsored art workshop, online tutorials and continued self study on and off up to the present. I also joined my first local art exhibit last Feb. 4, 2012 at held at Christ the King College high school, showcased was six entries floral subjects worked on oil on canvass. My second and third group exhibit was held in “Silid Ti Adal Ken Laing ti La Union” (Culture and Arts gallery of La Union) held on September and December 2012 respectively.

The Gallery is Located in 3rd floor LUPAC Building, Quezon Avenue, City Of San Fernando, La Union which is open from 8am to 5pm during weekdays.

Medium of use: oil on canvass for portraits and floral subjects. I am also using water color on paper for caricature and stylized artworks.

Current study: this year I am focusing on portraits in different scenes and emotions with vivid details, trying to master realistic styles. With the introduction of hyperrealism, I am also trying to attain such category in the future.

Currently i’m employed in GRM International as a Project Development Officer in Region 1. But still accepts local projects which is not of time pressure.