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Avant-Garde Security Solutions, Inc.

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About Avant-Garde Security Solutions, Inc.

Avant-Garde Security Solutions Incorporated (AGSSI) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Company Registration Number CS 201005354) on April 6, 2010 and granted a Temporary License to Operate as a Private Security Agency (PSA-T-00091-2009) by the Philippine National Police in accordance with RA 5487 on May 13, 2010.

At present, the company has already evolved due to changes in its organizational structure and corporate identity, adding to the security and networking expertise and experience of its founders and members, particularly in: all aspects of security, asset control, loss prevention and risk management.

AGSSI’s newly established partnership with HART SECURITY brings the Company at the forefront of the security industry, particularly in providing distinct brand of maritime security solutions.

Core Business Priorities and Practices


Avant-Garde strictly adheres to PADPAO rates and full benefits are given to the security guards.


Avant-Garde is fully compliant to all government mandated remittances and regulations.


All Security Staff are enrolled in a group insurance policy.


The company recruits and selects suitable candidates for the task. The company’s primary sources of staff are former military/police service personnel with a background known to the company. Candidates with extensive commercial security experience are also considered. All staff is vetted to ensure that they have the correct licenses and are qualified for the task including the relevant clearances dictated by law. All our guarding personnel are also required to complete an extensive internal training program prior to their initial deployment. Beyond the normal industry standards, Avant-Garde has expanded its requirements for its personnel not only with security-related competencies but also in other areas of competency such as public safety and customer relations. Congruent to its selection of personnel is Avant-Garde’s performance management system to ensure that standards in the provision of security services to its clients are maintained. Avant Garde assures responsibility for 24-hour supervision for all its guarding personnel. As security professionals who work in partnership to keep business safe, our aim is to become the preferred brand of security provider in the local, as well as, global security market.



All Staff are deployed in the company’s distinctive and smart uniform bearing the company’s name and brand logo. Each officer/personnel has his/her own nameplate for easy identification. Properly documented/authorized firearms and equipment are issued to the staff, specifications vary based on clients requirements.


Avant-Garde has the capability of designing a customized security system according to the needs of the clients. The use of information technology in designing and implementing security solutions is also part of our strategic approach in the provision of security solutions.

Moreover, in order to maintain the best possible standard in its services, Avant-Garde has developed close working relationships with the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other law enforcement agencies to enable us to provide a coordinated program of assistance in cases of emergencies.


The maritime security environment in the recent years has become more challenging and exigent due to the ever increasing threat of piracy, terrorism, armed robbery and theft. Shipping companies and other stakeholders are often confronted with maritime crisis situations directly putting their valuable maritime assets, employees and reputation at high risk. As a consequence, maritime security solutions have become an indispensable ingredient of maritime planning and operations especially in certain parts of world such as Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, the Malacca Straits and the Gulf of Guinea and Nigeria.

As such Avant-Garde are in a unique position to offer the following maritime security solutions:

  • Embarked Armed Security Teams
  • Embarked Unarmed Security Teams
  • Armed Escort Vessels
  • Crew Security and Anti-piracy Training
  • Management Level Table Top Exercises
  • Interpretation and Implementation of Best Management Practice
  • On Board Training
  • Intelligence
  • 24/7 Operational Support and Assistance