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Our Vision

Our vision for the future of all Australian migrants focuses on the incorporation of fundamental skills training. This training aims to strengthen their body of knowledge through their own development of concepts and perspective following the journey of the program itself. We at TSP Australia believe that the foundation of this strategy will further attract high-achieving individuals, giving them continued credibility within their profession and sustainability to their career choice.

Moving towards our vision, we hope to promote consistency in exceptional customer service and competence, and the building of collaborative relationships between new migrants and the challenges of the Australian culture.

Our Programs

Through hands-on activities and discussions, participants will have gained knowledge of the fundamental concepts of meeting the expectations of Australian workplace communities and practices. Have obtained knowledge and ability on how to source employment effectively using a Job Search Plan, construct a marketable scannable resume and answer interview questions with confidence. They will also recognise the importance of being a good team member; identify appropriate dress codes, behaviours, written and spoken language, humour and slang, both in the workplace and in social environments. Information, methods and techniques established will result in a broader understanding of what the unique Australian culture and lifestyle has to offer, and how this will support their personal and professional development.

At TSP Australia we are committed to:

  • Developing and supporting skilled migrants to reach the expectations of Australian communities
  • Ensuring that all migrants are trained with meeting the demands within a complex working environment
  • Providing individuals with the assistance needed to fully integrate into the Australian culture
  • Creating tasks-based development to improve best practice procedures
  • Providing a platform for individuals to discuss and share common issues related to their specific sectors
  • Encouraging and assisting with suitable communication techniques
  • Encourage individuals to be active players in their own development
  • Embedding a process of continuous learning and development, through a process of engagement, assessment, evaluation, and review
  • Encouraging innovation, such as a cultural shift in thinking from “training” to “learning” in line with our value of development through learning
  • Fostering an environment which encourages individuals to stay current and to be innovative in all areas of their field of employment
  • Workplace Training, Skill Gap Training and Workplace Assessments
  • Work Experience and Job Placement Program via Host Employers
  • Design and Development of Learning and Development Resources