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Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna

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The Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna is an alliance of Mexico’s leading yellow-fin and skipjack fishing companies –GrupoMar, Herdez del Fuerte, Pesca Azteca, y Procesa – that joined together to ensure that we are jointly manage our yellowfin and skipjack tuna fishery sustainably, as part of the larger marine environment, and reponsably as employers and community members.


Together, our members represent over 90% of the yellowfin and skipjack industry in Mexic0. Our members agree to operate according to best science practice to ensure responsible fishing across all aspects of their businesses. Through these efforts, they can help to protect the health of the fishery for the long term.We focus on responsible, science-based fishing practice that focuses on the full ecosystem, and on protecting all species – including the long-term viability of the tuna themselves.


We respect and continue the tradition that generations of fishing families have committed themselves to by caring for our shared natural resource. Many fishermen and fishing communities in Mexico depend on our yellowfin and skipjack tuna fishery for their livelihoods, and we are united in our commitment to the responsible stewardship of our fishery moving forward.


We believe people are important – and we operate with respect, toward all of our employees and within the communities that we work.  Our members ensure that all of their employees have a fair minimum wage and receive access to health care and benefits; and for crews-at-sea, our members provide full, free lodging, food, and transportation benefits to ensure that there are no costs at sea and that they are independent employees. It is not enough to focus on natural resources, but human resources too.


The Alliance gives our members a vehicle for collaboration and joint decision making on all issues that affect the fishery. Together we will work to ensure that we protect our environment, the livelihoods of the people who depend on our industry and an important food source for today and future generations.