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About Alt*Health Foundation

Alt*Health Foundation is a non-government organization established as a health service social enterprise that offers alternative health plan designed to meet the healthcare needs of staff community development organizations such as NGOs, cooperatives, social enterprises and foundations.

The Foundation is established as a health service social enterprise with the following programs

  1. Promotion of healthy workplace among its members and the public at large
  2. Promotion of healthy lifestyle of employees of its member organizations
  3. Management of cooperative fund for emergency health requirement of its members


The Foundation envisions a society where its citizens enjoy equitable access to adequate, appropriate and affordable health care with the right to establish a self-help and self-managed organization.


To develop and establish viable and responsive social health care program through conventional and alternative modes of health services.


Alt*Health was established in August 2003 as an offshoot of the seven-year experience of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) in managing its own in-house health maintenance program.

Inspired by the successful operation of the program, a number of NGOs had requested the PRRM to widen its membership to include organizations outside PRRM. Hence, Alt*Health was established.

At present, it has nine (9) member organizations composed of 150 enrolled individuals. These member organizations are co-owners of the Foundation thus, they are the ones who adopt plans, programs and actions for Alt*Health.