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Global Security Solutions Incorporated (GSSI)is a newly formed company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Company Registration Number CS 201001683, on February 8, 2010 and granted a Temporary License to Operate as a Security Agency by the Philippine National Police pursuant to RA 5487. Although it is relatively a neophyte in the local security industry, it can provide a full range of guarding services including:

  • static guarding
  • industrial plant protection
  • mobile security patrol
  • transport security escorting
  • executive security protection
  • and other pro-active security services to business, institutions and organizations.


Global Security Solutions Incorporated is dedicated to providing security solutions that are efficient, creative and cost-effective.


To be at the forefront of the local security industry through professionalism and dynamic innovation, and aligning our core values and goals to grow in partnership with the business community, for the ultimate benefit of Philippine society.

Strategic Alliance

Group 4 SecuricorConscious of the growing challenges to security presented by the changing socio-economic environment of the Philippines, GSSI strives to combine the latest security technology with a dedicated and skilled workforce, in order to provide responsive professional and efficient security services commensurate to what the client pays for.

Thus, GSSI entered into a strategic Business Service Support Agreement with G4S, an international security organization, which is a union of two of the world’s largest security companies, namely Group 4 and Securicor.  These companies have a long and distinguished history in the security industry dating back to over a century.  Group 4 Securicor employs 500,000 people in more than 100 countries worldwide with market leadership position in over half of them and a combined turnover in excess of USD 5 billion. This Agreement enables GSSI to utilize G4S’s trademarks, systems and technological expertise.

In line with Group 4 Securicor Plc international standards, the staff selection process employed by GSSI involves stringent background checks.  It is GSSI policy to give priority to the recruitment of ex-military and police personnel thus utilizing their inherent skills.  Due consideration is also given to recruitment of experienced commercial security personnel.  All GSSI’s guarding personnel are required to complete an extensive internal training program prior to their initial deployment.  GSSI assures responsibility for 24-hour supervision for all its guarding personnel through its network of experienced mobile operations inspectors. As security professionals who work in partnership to keep business safe, our aim is to become the preferred brand of security services to the local security market.  This means providing our customers with peace of mind by using high quality security solutions.

In order to maintain the best possible standard in its services, GSSI has developed close working relationships with the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other law enforcement agencies. Hence, said relationships enable GSSI to provide a coordinated program of assistance in cases of emergencies.