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Migrating Drupal Database to WordPress

I had a previous task of moving a database of a Drupal 7.1 website to a temporary Wordpress 3.8 installation. It didn’t matter on the template, just the contents from the original site to the test website. Through roughly few hours of searching the web and testing scripts on my desktop (Environment: Windows 7 Professional, Apache 2.2.25, PHP 5.3.27, MySQL 5.6, phpMyAdmin 4.0.5, Drupal 7.10 [2011-12-05] database, and a fresh Wordpress 3.8 installation), I got everything moved almost exactly as from the original Drupal site except for small details where the site created other post / page types besides ‘pages’ (e.g. it had ‘trip’, ‘webform’, ‘area_link’, etc.). To address this issue I had to implement some changes in my ‘Permalink’ and installed other plugins to maintain original links from Drupal to Wordpress.